Marketing Consultancy Agency specialised in Non-Profits, Travel and Stays Abroad (tourism, volunteering, etc.)

Our digital marketing and communications agency specialises in all areas relating to international development, travel and stays abroad (sustainable tourism, volunteering, etc.). We offer marketing consultancy services to non-profits (NGOs) and companies, and assist them with building a robust marketing strategy and improving their current practices.

Adieu-Ark-B Marketing helps you:

  • Achieve economic growth while respecting your values,
  • Positively impact your destinations.

We offer trilingual services in English, French and German.

Marketing agency specialised in sustainable tourism
Marketing agency specialised in tourism and travel
Marketing agency specialised in ecotourism
Marketing agency specialised in international volunteering

What stands behind our expertise

The founder of Adieu-Ark-B Marketing, Frank Seidel, boasts more than 25 years of international experience and has successfully positioned one of the world’s biggest volunteering organisations into several European markets. Today, we also manage our own projects: two online portals for volunteering abroad: Guidisto Volontariat (for French speakers) and Wegweiser Freiwilligenarbeit (for German speakers).

There are fortunately an increasing number of people who are no longer satisfied with traditional tourism and are looking for authentic experiences and a meaningful way of travelling abroad. But at the same time, the number of NGOs, tourism centres and companies who are targeting this new breed of travellers is also increasing and makes the competitive environment tougher and tougher. More than ever, you need to make use of the entire range of modern marketing tools to achieve your economic and social goals.

Our clients in the fields of travel / tourism and international development

Our agency’s marketing consultancy services for non-profits, NGOs and travel companies

Market research and analysis

Marketing strategy specialist

Marketing strategy development and positioning

Communications strategy specialist

Communications strategy development and implementation

International development

Entering new international markets

Staff recruitment

Staff recruitment

Branding specialist


Areas of expertise

Our projects: online portals for volunteering abroad

In addition to our marketing consultancy services, we manage our own online platforms for responsible volunteer travel and placements.

Guidisto volontariat logo

Guidisto Volontariat is a French-speaking portal for volunteering abroad created in 2016, that lists more than 300 volunteer placements all over the world.

Wegweiser freiwilligenarbeit logo

Wegweiser Freiwilligenarbeit is a German-speaking portal for volunteering abroad created in 2013, that lists more than 600 volunteer placements all over the world.