International SEO Company: our Search Engine Optimisation services

Our SEO company is based in France and delivers services to clients looking to expand into the French, British, German, European or global market. We offer SEO services in English, German and French, and rely on our network of trusted partners for other languages.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) refers to the set of methods that aim to improve the ranking position of websites in search engine results pages.

Our SEO specialists are uniquely qualified to ensure that your website meets all kinds of SEO requirements, whether they be technical, or in terms of usability and content. Boosting your website’s credibility in the eyes of Google helps stack the odds that your website’s ranking in search results will improve, and that you’ll get more online visibility, both locally and internationally (French web, German web, etc.).  

International SEO company based in France

Our main SEO services

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

What is an SEO audit?

  • Detailed analysis of your website from the SEO point of view based on technical and content factors that are important to search engines such as Google.

Why is it important?     

  • To understand why you don’t get the visibility that you deserve.
  • To set up a prioritised plan of action.
  • To put together a set of data and observations that can be analysed and later used as a starting point for internal and external contributors to your project.
Usability audit

Usability Audit

What is a usability audit?

  • Detailed analysis of the usability and user experience of your website for your target audience.

Why is it important?

  • To analyse how compatible with the culture and norms of your target market your website is.
  • To set up a prioritised plan of action.
  • To put together a set of data and observations that can be analysed and later used as a starting point for internal and external contributors to your project.
SEO technical requirements document

SEO technical requirements document

What is an SEO technical requirements document?

  • Written document that lists technical SEO requirements intended for the service provider in charge of managing / creating / redesigning your website.
  • Overseeing of its implementation to ensure that your web design agency meets the requirements listed in the document.

Why is it important?

  • To avoid unnecessary expenses and redesigns in case your service provider didn’t take SEO requirements into consideration.
  • Because most web design agencies only have a patchy knowledge of modern SEO and/or try to lower their development expenses.
Keyword strategy

SEO keyword strategy

What is SEO keyword strategy?

  • Determining which strategic keywords to target and for which you want to be visible on search engine results pages.
  • Finding the best possible compromise between:
    • search volume
    • relevance to the user’s search intent and your sales / marketing strategy
    • competition

Why is it important?

  • Because you need to know for which keywords you want to be visible, before you can optimise your website for search engines.
On page optimisation

On-page optimisation

What is on-page optimisation?

  • Optimising your website’s code following the technical requirements of search engines.
  • Including target keywords in strategic areas of your web page.

Why is it important?

  • Because using the right keywords at the right place remains the basis for a successful SEO strategy (even though it is far from enough).
Content marketing

SEO writing / Content marketing

What is SEO writing?

  • Creating content (text, image, video, audio) that satisfies the search intent of your website visitors and customers.
  • Using these contents for link building.

Why is it important?

  • Because ‘Content is King‘ for both:
    • link building
    • user experience
Link building

Link building

What is link building?

  • Getting quality links from external websites (backlinks).
  • Implementing white hat only strategies, that are approved by search engines.

Why is it important?

  • Because Google sees each backlink as a vote of confidence for your website.
  • Because the websites that Google trusts the most are the ones that appear in the first positions of its search engine results pages.
SEO translation

SEO Localisation / translation

What is SEO localisation / translation?

  • Translating your website into your target language while taking your SEO strategy into account.
  • Going further than a word-for-word translation: adapting your content to the environment and culture of your target market.
  • Available in-house languages:
    • English,
    • French,
    • German.
  • Network of trusted partners for other languages (Italian, Dutch, etc.)

Why is it important?

  • Because relevant SEO keywords in another language often differ from the word-for-word translation of the ones that you are already targeting for your current market.
  • Because cultural and economic differences between countries are important and numerous.

Preferred partner of the French-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

For more than 60 years, the CCI France Allemagne (French-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has been advising and supporting French companies that wish to expand their business in Germany, as well as German companies that aim to enter the French market. Today, the network recommends AAB Marketing’s services for their clients’ traffic generation and search engine marketing needs.

Partnership between AAB Marketing and the French German Chamber of Commerce and Industry